sexta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2008


Hello, how's the craic? Take a pew. Would you be after a cup of tea? Or maybe a pint would suit you better? I dun't know if doing what I'm doing noi is just becouse it brings mi miself nearer you, or nearer me, or nerer both. Wherever u go there's a devilll. True enough, but the wind is always at mi back and the sun shine warm upon mi fields, and until we meet again, God will hold me in the palm of His hands, for sure, for better, against my better judgement, actually. But your voice, your presence is here I'm hounded by ior presence... But enouf of this shibboleth, I have better things to do, to occupy myself with. Like this honey whose bed is just beside me, I feel tempted to mirror miself in its mirror until I find a way to drown miself in this ocean of green seeds that would take me to the Emerald... Emerald... Emerald... yes, I dunno if I'm doing this for miself or fur yurself, I just know I'm doing, please don't leave, my eyes are gazed with despair, so I unpair miself, miself, miself: YOURSELF. I want to find you, be wit you, but you see, there is nuthing so difficult as the dope of a doze off in the middle of the dream. Not dreaming, daydreaming, a drone whose task is to digg, dig in heels, digg in history, digg in dreams. Once I could have gone as far as to say that I wouldn't care abouit you and simply move on. I'm stuck you see, you are more, much more, more, more... and mi... just miself....

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Ed disse...

I've been reading your post over and over, trying to bring up more than a sigh, an amazed sight for the beauty of your poetic soul's spring and blossom, as a flower that gently and patiently prepares each petal for the delight of its love, like my dear yellow rose or purple orchid. Your sensibility and pain flow from your inner self and cover you in grace and glare as the sweat wets the face and breast of a runner on the streets of cement in the metropolis, or the tears of a pianist while she plays her favorite noturno that remembers her of her lover.
Please don't prevent this lost soul from your virtual presence through your words of beauty and solutide.