segunda-feira, 2 de junho de 2008


Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, you are such a good fellow! Thank you very much, all your polite words, combined with a sour taste of loneliness fits you so well. Thank you, this is indeed kind of you. I feel special. What do I wish? Let me see, apart from that cake that is still waiting for my bite and the coke that I've yet to sip, I quite believe I wish everything. There was once a poet who affirmed, who had the wits to affirm that, in spite of being no one, he had the greatest dreams on Earth. Go on, read, his name is Fernando Pessoa, but this was written under the name of Álvaro de Campos. True, very much true for me, someone born in the rotten core of Italian immigrant, working family, covered with dust and tar, adorned with the blood form those who have died on wars for independence and extravagance, hatred and exuberance. True, very much true for someone who is waiting for a Godot that does not arrive. Is he going to arrive? I don't really care anymore, I am free, as a bird, the next best thing to be, as the other English poet, Paul Mccartney sung. This one you probably won't have to read because you know "Yesterday" or "Hey Jude" by heart, or any other song. As I was saying, or telling, or talking. Anyhow, I was going on about the insufferabe life of a low class woman whose dream was finding someone. No, not a dream anymore, I have learned to be on my feet and love me. I am the center of my universe, my Alpha and Omega, so blokes, off you go and I am the centre of everthing: my culture, the interminable books I've read, the insane philosophical grab that fulfills pubs and empties stomach. Are you hungry? Yes, I am. I want more: I want a successfull life, cutting edge technologies, infinite knowledge and the blessing of God. I want to be a fraction of the divine power and emanate light to the edge of the world. I want to be your friend, your lover, your confident and, who knows what else. The beginning and the end, a new start, going back to square on... changes. Always for better, always for more, always for power. Fill me, oh great Lord, I believe you believe in me and give me all I ask of you: wisdom, beyond everything, beyond all power: PURE AND DIVINE WISDOM.

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The tone disse...

estou chocado!
Precisa dizer mais alguma coisa?
Quando eu penso que vc já foi longe, vc se supera!
Long life to the all-knowing, to the new messiah, the narcissus reborn, the beginning and not the end, because after the end, it seems you want more. Happy birthday to you, all the days, for the rest of your days, that are never-ending! Happy bloodday to you! For the days you bleed nad sweat and fight the war.... against us and against yourself!
I won't quote any poet, but one of my favorites:"By the way, those glasses look lovely tonight. Of course, when you are not wearing them. They make you look old and wise, when you are, in fact, young and wet behind the ears"... Love you!

Ed disse...

Fly, my bird. Fly my dear Lady. Open your wings and fly to the arms of the Almighty. You are special. You've got all it takes. You're already everything. You always were. And you will always be. Lose yourself in the green fields even amidst concrete and pavement. But nothing is complete. Even the paradise lacks some brown eyes' light.