segunda-feira, 26 de maio de 2008

I need that

You have hurt me to the quick, my brown eyes yell. You do not listen, do not want to. Why? Everyone has left and the theatre is empty. You take my hand and ask me to leave with you as well. But, nothing is more like that day you uttered I was marvellous: for what? For the ears? For the years that will never come, although I want them to, although I need them to. You have never run your fingers through my hair. You have never kissed me when I did not kiss you: you always received, you took everything and now I am empty. I do not know how to write anymore. I want you and all the tears of the wold fall. Will it stop? Please, make it stop. Come back with your fake smile, your silent words and nothingness. I need that.

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The tone disse...

the theater may be empty because the crowds are on the street, because they are heading for a different place, not apart from you, but to hold hands you!
Spin like a hurricane my love, you want no nothingness and you have seen it before I could tell.. Let's want everything?